Watch Becky G & C. Tangana Give Us the Lowdown on 'Booty': How It Went Down

On the latest episode of Billboard’s How It Went Down, Becky G and C. Tangana tell the story behind their song “Booty.”

The beat of  the song was born in Colombia, where C. Tangana was working with his producer Alizzz and eating a bandeja paisa. Then, they started to create all different sounds until they finished the final base.

How did Becky G get involved in the song? Well, Becky's biggest desire was to work with Tangana, and every time she had a trip to Spain, she asked her team to take a day out to work with him. Her team made it happen.

During the session in the studio, they both heard a lot of songs, but when Becky G heard "Booty," she said: "This is it."

"She started doing freestyle," said Tangana.

Once the song was finished, Becky G received the single via WhatsApp. She was in Miami, in a car. She asked the driver to play the song through the car system and all those who were with her were impressed.

Watch the full How It Went Down episode above.