Daddy Yankee Describes the Best Puerto Rican Thanksgiving Meal in 'Growing Up Latino' Episode

The newest episode of Billboard's Growing Up Latino series features Daddy Yankee and his best childhood memories.

The first thing that the urban music legend makes clear is that he is a rice, beans and chicken lover. He then remembers that while cleaning the house, his mom would play songs from the '80s, and that his grandmother loved to listen Los Panchos and trio music, and his dad salsa.

As for one of his naughtier moments? Well, Yankee knew that the chancleta (flip flop) was ready for him every time that his parents had a meeting with the principal of the school because he did something wrong.

Furthermore, Daddy Yankee always wanted to be a professional baseball player. His favorite teams are the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Puerto Ricans eat rice, turkey and pasteles, which typically consist of grated green plantains, malanga (taro), potatoes, and tropical pumpkins (better known as calabazas). They are filled with meat and chickpeas. Most importantly, the big boss likes them without raisins.

Finally, when asked what the best thing about being a Latino artist is, he says, “You’re able to travel the world and know a lot of cultures.”

Watch the full episode of Growing Up Latino above.