J Balvin's Evolution: 'Dios Bendiga El Reggaeton. Amen.'

J. Balvin "Reggaeton"
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J. Balvin "Reggaeton"

“Dios bendiga el reggaeton. Amén."

J Balvin has shown that he is a true lover of reggaeton. And it's not only because that's the music he sings, but also because he recognizes its history, respecting every torchbearer of the genre, including Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam and Zion and Lennox, and has always been faithful in defending its evolution and lyrics.

As proof of this, over the weekend, Balvin released his new video for "Reggaeton," in which he summarizes the beginning of the urban culture that has conquered Latin Music over the past decade. Thanks to the urban genre, J Balvin established his own career and rose to a new level of superstardom.

For that reason, Billboard gathered J Balvin’s best reggaeton tracks to honor his evolution within the genre. From “En Lo Oscuro” to his latest track “Reggaeton," see J Balvin’s evolution. And, “Dios Bendiga el Reggaeton. Amén" (God Bless Reggaeton. Amen).

“En Lo Oscuro” (2012)

“Yo Te Lo Dije” (2012)

“Tranquila” (2012)

“6 AM” with Farruko (2014)

“Ay Vamos” (2014)

“Ginza” (2015)

“Sigo Extrañandote” (2017)

“Reggaeton” (2018)