All of El Fantasma's Songs That Have Landed in the Latin Regional Airplay Top 10

El Fantasma
Courtesy of AfinArte Music

El Fantasma

With Latin Grammy week in full swing, let’s talk about El Fantasma. The Regional Mexican singer is part of the new wave of “Mexillennials” taking over the genre.

With a career that spans less than five years, his romantic songs and gritty narcocorridos have nabbed him and his band, Equipo Armado, their first-ever Latin Grammy nomination for best banda album with their album En El Camino.

On the celebration streak, his single “Dolor y Amor” entered the Latin Regional Airplay chart, ascending 14-10 on the Nov. 17-dated chart. This is the artist’s fifth top 10 on the Latin Regional Airplay chart.

Check out his five top 10 Billboard hits in chronological order below:

“Mi 45” (as El Fantasma y Banda Populares de Llano) peaked at No. 6 on the May 13, 2017-dated chart

“Vengo a Aclarar” (as El Fantasma y Banda Populares de Llano) peaked at No. 3 on the Sept. 9, 2017-dated chart

“El Corrido del Nano” peaked at No. 7 on the March 3, 2018-dated chart

“En El Camino” peaked at No. 7 on the Sept. 1, 2018-dated chart

“Dolor y Amor” peaked at No. 10 on the Nov. 17, 2018-dated chart