Anitta's Epic Tri-Lingual EP 'Solo' Represents Her Career Evolution: Watch

Anitta has proven that language is no barrier. The Brazilian singer took a major risk and released her trilingual three-song EP, Solo, on Friday (Nov. 9), which honestly represents the turn that her international career has taken over the past two years.

Anitta is an artist who likes to be different and that is why we see her musical transformation in each of the singles included in the EP, which was also released digitally with videos for each song. For that reason, Billboard has analyzed how Solo represents her career evolution.

Portuguese – “Não Perco Meu Tempo”

"Não Perco Meu Tempo," which translated to English means "Don't Waste My Time," is the song that best represents her roots. The lyric of the song represents powerful women like Anitta. But also, the diversity of people and how difficult it is to find someone. Men can be considered simple, but powerful women are difficult to conquer. And, this song is totally Anitta’s style.


English – “Goals”

“Goals” represents the desire to be a mainstream artist, and Anitta questioning if she is achieving it. For some time now, Anitta has demonstrated the potential to achieve her goals singing in English, like she previously did in the song “Will I See You” with Poo Bear. Moving forward fans are totally expecting great collaborations, including an upcoming one with DJ Khaled. For the moment, "Goals" demonstrates that she's got the vocal chops to reach any mainstream goal she sets.


Spanish – “Veneno” (Poison)

In Anitta’s career evolution, her Spanish-language music has been fundamental. Initial collaborations with J Balvin and Maluma led her to explore a new world, which she is going to continue conquering. The "Veneno" video has powerful scenes, with Anitta among snakes, which in this case represent how “bad girl” she can be. The lyric is about her getting strong ever as the poison after a betrayal.