Nacho Confesses He Was Afraid of 'El Chupacabra' in New 'Growing Up Latino' Episode

In the new Growing Up Latino episode, singer/songwriter Nacho tells us about Venezuelan culture and, yes, the first thing he says is that the best food made in his house are arepas.

Apparently, Nacho was not a quiet child, since he remembers that his chancletazo moment happened after fighting at school. “I went to school wearing flip-flops, and with those same sandals, she hit me when I got home.”

As for a song that defines his country, at this moment he feels that there is none, but he wrote one that defines his feelings, which has not being recorded yet but he exclusively sings it for us.

What is the creature that scared Nacho the most when he was little? El Chupacabra!

Watch the Growing Up Latino episode with Nacho above.