Natti Natasha & Anitta Hit the Studio Together: See the Photos

Natti Natasha
Courtesy Photo

Natti Natasha

Stop the presses: Natti Natasha and Anitta are up to something.

The Dominican urban singer and Brazilian star drove fans crazy on social media when they posted photos with each other on Instagram. Without any clues, other than a selfie in a recording studio and tagging each other in the captions, it’s believed that the two songstresses are whipping up a collaboration.

In fact, on Anitta’s Instagram stories there’s a video of producer Sky Rompiendo working his magic while she’s in the booth singing.

In the year where collaborations are the norm, a Natti Natasha and Anitta track is exactly what we need in 2018. 

Check out the posts below:


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