Gloria Trevi Delivers Honest Speech About Her Personal Past at the 2018 Latin AMAs

Female empowerment was the main driving force at the Latin AMAs Thursday night (Oct. 25) and Gloria Trevi, who hosted and performed, made sure it was not only known, but also felt.   

Before giving an extremely captivating and raw performance of her new song “Ellas Soy Yo,” Trevi took a few minutes on stage to give an introduction and openly talk about her experience with being wrongfully accused for a crime she didn’t commit. In the ‘90s, Trevi, along with Sergio Andrade -- her manager at the time, were accused of corrupting and abusing minors. Trevi ended up in prison for nearly five years, until her innocence was proven. Her decision to come forward and share her story inspired her speech and new single.    

“He was not my creator, or the person who discovered me, because with or without him, I’ve demonstrated that I’m Gloria Trevi,” she said in regards to her former manager and oppressor.   

The audience stood up and cheered for Trevi as she spoke her truth as so many brave women have been doing lately with the Me Too movement. “We all have a story to tell. For example, in this country we have the stories of Cosby and Weinstein but in absurd amounts. The women who are judged for raising their voice exceed the predators who are condemned,” Trevi added.

In her shocking and courageous speech, Trevi stated her oppressor is free and most likely still hurting other women. Trevi mentioned that when they met, she was a 15 year-old girl who believed he was the only way she could be successful, and little by little he began to manipulate her. This went on for 17 years. The Mexican singer couldn’t help but get emotional and tear up while delivering her heartfelt speech.

“This needs to end and I’m not saying it for me, because I’m fine. I am here. I am standing. This has to end for them [other women] so there doesn’t have to be a world where a woman has to face her predator or abuser,” she said before concluding and moving on to her performance.

Watch Gloria Trevi's full speech below.