Daddy Yankee Shares His Keys to Success During Inspirational Latin AMAs Speech

Daddy Yankee received the Icon Award at the 2018 Latin American Music Awards Thursday night (Oct. 25), and used the big occasion to share some wisdom.

The special award was given to Yankee this year because of his incredible status within the Latin community, the admiration of his audience, and for the way he inspires other artists.

After jumping on stage to receive his trophy, Yankee delivered an inspirational speech for everyone and anyone.

“I’m a human being just like all of you,” he said after thanking Jesus and Puerto Rico for his win. “I worked with discipline, perseverance, and determination in a genre that had everything against it.” “How did I get to this level?” he continued. “Respecting my fans, my family, loving my country, and loving the other countries that have opened their doors to me.”

“It’s been three decades of sacrifice. I’ve never failed you, which means I will never fail you. As a dreamer in the hood, I always wanted to be an icon,” he finalized his heartfelt speech.

Daddy Yankee On His Latin AMAs Performance | Billboard Latin