Lele Pons Talks Wanting to Collaborate With Anitta, Balancing Her Work & More at the 2018 Latin AMAs: Watch

Lele Pons caught up with Billboard’s Leila Cobo on Thursday (Oct. 25) on the red carpet at the 2018 Latin American Music Awards, discussing making her solo performance debut, wanting to collaborate with Anitta and more.

Ahead of taking to the stage to sing her song “Celoso,” Pons tells Billboard, “It’s my first solo performance ever. Ever ever. You guys are gonna see it for the first time…I’m really nervous, but I know I have this.”

The singer then chats about what’s next for her. Asked if there is a chance she might be collaborating with her friend Anitta, Pons replies, “I honestly wish! Maybe. I just know there’s more music coming up and a collaboration with someone I can’t talk about yet, but a lot more.”

The social media star also opens up about how she is able to balance making music while continuing to release videos.

“What I do is, in my free time, instead of going to the movies I work, and I do videos and everything, and it’s really exciting,” she replies.

“I really love it, and I do that because it’s fun, so it’s not like really work for me. I feel like music is more work than just creating, 'cause I’ve been doing that since like, I’m a pro at that!”

You can watch the full video above to hear more from Lele Pons, and to find out what she plans on dressing up as for Halloween.