El Fantasma Talks Latin Grammy Nomination & New Album 'Dolor y Amor': Exclusive Interview

Courtesy of AfinArte Music
El Fantasma

El Fantasma is part of the new wave of Mexillennials that you should really keep on your radar.

With less than five years in the music biz, the Regional Mexican singer has already caught the attention of the Latin Recording Academy. So much so, that his album “En El Camino” nabbed El Fantasma y Su Equipo Armado, their first-ever Latin Grammy nomination for best banda album.

But it doesn’t stop there for the 28-year-old singer, as he just dropped his new album Dolor y Amor with fresh romantic songs and gritty narcocorridos.

Billboard caught up with El Fantasma, whose real name is Alexander Garcia, to talk all things Latin Grammys and his new album. Check out the Q&A below.

A new album and a Latin Grammy nomination -- 2018 has been a great year in your career. Take us back to the day you found out you were a Latin Grammy nominee.

We were about to do an interview when they told me about the nomination. It’s something very exciting and shocking in my career because we’ve only been around for two years and a half. This is a blessing. There are so many people trying to get a Grammy or nomination, and to be here in such a short period of time is a blessing. Whether we win or lose, we’re already winners with this nomination. It’s beautiful.

Talk to us about your new album Dolor y Amor. What makes it stand out from your previous albums?

I have a lot of faith in this album, just as I did in my other albums. Thank God that people have responded very well. I’ve recorded all of my albums live. I’ve never stepped foot in a studio, except for the first album when we were kicking off the project, but after that, I’ve recorded my albums with a live band. Dolor y Amor comes strong with songs and corridos.

I imagine that you’re attached to the entire album but can you name me three songs that have the most meaning for you?

‘Dolor y Amor,’ I really like the song and I know that many people can relate to it. It’s about a couple who has problems and in every relationship there are problems. "Una Vida Corta," it’s a song about a person who loves to have fun, go to parties, likes working, and being successful. It’s a song about living your life to the fullest because you never know when it’s your last. And, ‘Ignacio Lopez,’ the song is about a person who didn’t have a dad and lived a tough life but thanks to the support of their mother, they were able to succeed in life. Those three songs impact me the most on this album.

For those who are just discovering your music, why is your artistic name El Fantasma?

It’s a nickname that was given to me by my family. I’m the whitest person in my family and they would all call me El Fantasma (the ghost). It just stuck with me, and I know it catches people’s attention.

What do you want people to know about your new album Dolor y Amor?

It’s one of my best albums yet. There are songs for everyone… for adults, children, women, and men. I recommend this album to everyone and hopefully, people like it. I have a lot of faith on this album because I gave it my 100 percent.