Kany Garcia Talks About the Most Lit Party Ever in 'Growing Up Latino' Episode: Watch

Kany Garcia loves to serenade us with her soulful songs, but few may know that she likes to party hard! At least, that’s what we discovered during this week’s episode of “Growing Up Latino.”

The singer is the latest star to take the hot seat; she had no problem opening up about her childhood and sharing the best anecdotes that come with being a proud Puerto Rican.

Garcia mentioned how white rice, beans, tostones, and fried pork chops are her favorite home cooked meal, how “Ay Bendito!” is her favorite Puerto Rican phrase, and how overall, she’s obsessed with the entire vocabulary from her country.

She also recalled chancletazo moments from her childhood, talked about her quinceañera pool party with tacos, and shared the best home remedies. But the best part was when she got real about her most lit party ever.

“Well, I’ve always organized parrandas,” she says. “The best one was a few years ago. We started at midnight and ended at eight in the morning, and we were more than 150 people. There was a point where people were a little scared of us. I believe that’s one of the best ones that we’ve had.”

Watch the entire episode above.