5 Biggest Disses Nach & Residente Toss Out Against Current Rappers in 'Rap Bruto'

Residente & Nach

Nach and Residente dropped “Rap Bruto,” and in less than five days, they've garnered more than 4.6 million views on YouTube.

The song’s success, in addition to its intense black-and-white video, is due to the raw and uncensored lyrics that both the Spanish and Puerto Rican rappers belt out against the current state of rap and hip-hop music.

In other words, the six-minute collaboration is one for the books.

Check out the biggest disses in “Rap Bruto” that Nach and Residente make against the rappers of today.

1. Mi escuela nunca fue tendencia pero sigue viva

Tenemos iniciativa, perspectiva

Si algo no nos motiva, subimos el dedo del medio arriba - NACH

English translation:

My school was never a trend but it’s still alive

We have initiative, perspective

If something doesn’t motivate us, we take out our middle finger.

2. Tanto charlatán sin más afán que el famoseo

Trofeo al holgazán como un croissant cuando lo veo, es fácil

Su música infantil e inútil, la mía es táctil - NACH

English translation:

So many fake people with the hopes of becoming famous

I give a trophy to the lazy when I see them, it’s easy

His music is childish and useless, mine is tactile - NACH

3. Mucha selva, poco tigre

Mucha pólvora, poco calibre

Hijo de puta, tírame a mí

No puedes con Nach y Residente - NACH, RESIDENTE

English translation:

Lots of jungle, few tigers

Lots of fireworks, little caliber,

Son of a bitch, diss me

You can’t with Nach and Residente

4. Me gusta abusar de los raperos fresa

Les dejo la "R" en las nalgas impresa

Antes de bajarme esta cerveza

Fácilmente los torturo

Sólo les quito el Instagram y vuelven a ser inseguros - RESIDENTE

English translation:

I like to abuse the preppy rappers

I leave them the “R” printed on their butts

Before chugging down this beer

I easily torture them

I just need to take away their Instagram and they become insecure again

5. Mucha selfie y poco contenido

Se tardan más en el vestuario que haciendo pruebas de sonido

Sus conciertos son todos iguales

Pocas rimas, poca banda, muchos fuegos artificiales - RESIDENTE

English translation:

Lots of selfies and less content

They take more time on their outfit than doing a sound check

All of their concerts are the same

Few rhymes, lack of a live band, lots of fireworks