Gloria Trevi Picks Her 5 Essential Tracks as a Songwriter

 Francis Bertrand
Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi is more than excited to be inducted into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame at the 2018 La Musa Awards to be held on Oct. 18 at the James L. Knight Center in Miami.

Trevi has released 13 albums and written more than 400 songs, including many that have made her the voice of her generation. Among her greatest hits are “Dr. Psiquiatra,” “Mañana,” “Pelo Suelto,” “Tu Angel de la Guarda” and “Zapatos VIejos,” among others.

But which songs are essential for Gloria Trevi as songwriter? Billboard spoke with the Mexican singer-songwriter about her five most essential compositions. See her list below and why she chose it.

"Dr. Psiquiatra"

"This song was the beginning. How to say hello, I'm here, listen to me."

"El Recuento de los Daños"

"I was 21 years old. It's the memory of everything bad."

"Como Nace el Universo"

"It reminds me of my children, to feel God and that I am blessed."

"Todos Me Miran"

"There was a time when everyone looked at me and I did not know if it was admiration or if they judged me for everything that was happening at that moment."

"El Sabor de la Soledad"

"It always makes me cry. It is a song of hope."