Rombai Premieres 'Me Voy' Video With New Look, Members & Sound: Exclusive

Zizza Limberti

Starting from scratch can be very risky, but also very positive. And, in fact, this is what Fer Vázquez has decided to do for his band Rombai. He used social media to make a big change to the band and find new members to give the band a new look.

Rombai is a group that was formed in 2013, and in its new stage, Fer Vazquez is joined by Valeria Emiliani (Colombia) and Megumi Bowles (Bolivia).

"We are all very happy and excited about the new change in the band," said Vázquez. "The truth is that my team and I found the girls in social networks among thousands of participants of a contest that we made, and now we come with a fresh and renewed sound."

Rombai is premiering their first song together titled "Me Voy," exclusively on Billboard. The song unites urban and cumbia rhythms.

Watch the video below: