Nicky Jam Shares His Best Memories Living in Puerto Rico in 'Growing Up Latino' Episode

Superstar Nicky Jam goes back in time in the newest episode of Billboard’s Growing Up Latino series.

Jam shares that he first learned about music in general through his mother, who is a number one fan of the singer Jose Jose. He also says that the song that best describes Puerto Rico is “Lamento Borincano” by Marc Anthony.

Among the compliments that he has received from women, Jam confesses that the most popular is "give me a child,” but you'll have to watch to see what he actually says to the pretty ladies.

As for food, rice and beans with pork chops is Jam’s favorite dish. 

Finally, his best chancleta moment is when he stole the clothes that his grandmother bought for him to go Puerto Rico, because he was really excited and wanted to wear them right away.

Watch Nicky Jam’s Growing Up Latino episode above.