Claudia Brant's 'Ni Blanco Ni Negro' Has an Inclusive Message: Exclusive Premiere

Claudia Brant
Luz Gallardo

Claudia Brant

The song promoting racial equality features Antonio Carmona. It is included on the upcoming sixth album from the hit songwriter.

Claudia Brant has returned with “Ni Blanco Ni Negro,” a sultry duet with flamenco fusionist Antonio Carmona, and Billboard has an exclusive first listen of the track today (Sept. 26).

Brant is best known as the composer of, by her own count, over 4000 songs. She describes her daily job “as composing hit songs for the biggest stars.” That list includes Luis Fonsi, Ricky Martin, Camila Cabello, Alejandro Sanz, and John Legend.

She is also a Latin Grammy-nominated recording artist who calls her sixth album Sincera “a labor of love.”

I wanted to put aside the commercial intentions for a moment,” Brant tells Billboard, adding that the tracks on the album are “the most personal songs I’ve ever written.”

“Ni Blanco Ni Negro" is her favorite, and Brant explains that the song came out of conversation that Brant and Carmona had one night at Carmona’s home in Southern Spain.

“We sat with a glass of wine and talked about the unfair way immigrants are treated in every country they arrive in, while they are simply looking for a better life and education for their families,” Brant recalls. “We discussed racial discrimination, poverty, and we came up with this gorgeous and honest song."

Brant’s new album is set for release this Friday (Sept. 28) via her Brantones label and The Orchard.

Listen to “Ni Blanco Ni Negro” below.