J Balvin Vibras Tour: A Musical Odyssey & Visual Masterpiece Slays Los Angeles Stop

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Chris Molina
J Balvin performs during VIBRAS tour at The Forum on Sept. 23, 2018 in Los Angeles.

J Balvin is not joking.

“People used to come to see a show,” he says moments before going on stage for his third stop of his Vibras Tour at the Forum in L.A. “Now they’re here to see a spectacle.”

Truer words have rarely been spoken, as the Colombian rapper joined his fans during his L.A. stop on Sept. 22 at the Forum. The mesmerizing showcase did not let up, from the first moment to the last glimpse of the entertainer, surrounded by dancers as he placed his hands above his torso, in prayer-like position, as a thank you to his fans.

“This is only the beginning,” the performer told Billboard before rushing to his dressing room. We took a seat and then the show took over. Here are 5 things that made us savor his Vibras Tour:

Dynamite Dinosaurs: At first glance the dinosaurs that guest star throughout the show are more than blow-up dolls. These dinosaur elements provide a visual and musical adventure that unfolds into a 3D experience of a variety of moods, which switched from sexy-cool grooves to high-end pump-up dancing from an expert dance squad.

Rising Band: Placing the show’s band toward the top of the main stage in the middle of a V-shaped drop-down screen gives the illusion that the band is floating -- but that is only part of the magic, along with the continuous interaction between the show’s star, the band and audience. Making everybody feeling included throughout the musical odyssey -- part Tropicana club, part Cirque du Soleil and part simply J Balvin World -- makes for a thrilling ride that's musical, visual and dreamy. Going beyond the main stage in concert showcases is nothing new, but here J Balvin and every single person in the production seemed to be in sync, presenting a tight show that’s stunning, and allowed instantly recognizable hits such as the Hot 100-topping “I Like It" to burst out like an exploding jukebox.

Bae-Cardi-Bunny Cameos: Yes, we know... Beyoncé and her husband JAY-Z were across town at the Rose Bowl, presenting their On The Run II tour. But that didn’t stop either Bey or Balvin from performing their "Mi Gente" teamup, the latter closing his breathless set with the international smash. His performance of “I Like It" also featured a whimsical animated sequence with collaborators Cardi B and Bad Bunny, much to the delight of the fans present.

Dancing Guys & Gals: Equality should be noted, as both men and women were dancing on stage in the background of Balvin's set. The Latin star could have easily sexualized his performance in an objectifying sort of way, but all his dancers, male and female, were allowed to shine with their best moves in fearless and fierce choreography.

J Balvin Effect: In a world that is constantly changing and not always for the better, a child born by the name of José Álvaro Osorio Balvin from Medellin, Colombia -- who dreamed of bigger and better -- has used his climb in the music business as an opportunity to uplift his fans. "J Balvin music makes me happy,” said Anita Hernandez, a West Hollywood resident, who was celebrating her birthday at the Forum with tickets to the Vibras Tour, along with her sister. “His music always cheers me up."