Rudy Mancuso Doesn't Let Age Slow Him Down in New 'Lento' Video: Watch

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Rudy Mancuso "Lento"

Rudy Mancuso is taking over the internet. This time, it's with a new music video for “Lento,” released Thursday (Sept. 20).

“Lento,” which means "slow," is an urban song with smooth rhythms combined with batucadas. The music video, directed by Mancuso, carries a very clear message: that one should enjoy life regardless of age. The clip presents the story of an old man who lives in a senior home, but his soul is still very young. He proves this by starting to dance everywhere.

“Lento, as a whole, means a lot to me,” Mancuso said in a press statement. “The production process was so effortless and organic, which coincides nicely with the song’s theme. Subconsciously, I was preaching about the importance of under-thinking. Musically, the beat lies somewhere between Latin and Brazilian rhythms”.

Watch Rudy Mancuso’s “Lento” video below.