Anuel AA Apologizes For Offensive Song Directed at Cosculluela: Watch

Anuel AA
Carlos Perez/Elastic People 

Anuel AA

After his Oct. 12 concert in Puerto Rico got canceled, Anuel AA is asking for forgiveness.

In a five-minute clip posted to YouTube, the trap singer apologizes for a song released on Tuesday evening (Sept. 11) that was directed at Puerto Rican singer -- and Anuel's recent rival -- Cosculluela, and uses homophobic lyrics and directly insults a famous female model that has HIV.

The concert's producer, Paco Lopez, proceeded to cancel the concert right after the song was leaked.

"I recorded that song directly from my mind and I took it away," says Anuel. "I agreed with my manager not to take it out and someone filter it."

Anuel AA continued: "It is the worst mistake of my career. I do not need this and I apologize to all the people I offended. To homosexuals, to people with AIDS, to La Taina [the model] and to those who lost everything after Hurricane Maria ... My fans deserve from me to be a better person, and I apologize to everyone in Puerto Rico."

Watch the full video below: