Victoria La Mala Gushes Over Her Abuelita's Sopes & Her Epic Mexican Quinceañera in 'Growing Up Latino' Video: Watch

When she’s not pouring her heart out on stage or in the recording studio, Victoria La Mala is living a regular life just like the rest of us.

The Mexican singer, who’s known for her empowering rancheras such as “Merezco Mucho Mas,” is the latest artist to open up about her roots and childhood in this week’s episode of “Growing Up Latino.”

In the video, Victoria gushes over her abuelita’s sopes, crowning them as her favorite home-cooked dish. She also talks about Vicks VapoRub being her go-to household cure-all remedy, and claims that “Cielito Lindo” is the best song that describes her country.

She also shares memories of her childhood in Mexico, and visiting the U.S. “I grew up coming to the states because my grandparents had been living in California since before I was born,” she says. “One of my favorite childhood memory was the first time I went to Toys "R" Us. I couldn’t believe there was a place with so many toys and so many things. It was better than Disneyland!”

Out of all the sweet anecdotes she shares to Billboard, nothing beats her quinceañera party that had a DJ and tacos al pastor.

Watch the entire episode above.