Why Is Anuel AA Calling Karol G 'Bebesita,' Are They in Love or Not?

Sebastian Quintero
Karol G

Very soon they will release a single together called “Culpables” but, for now Anuel AA and Karol G have activated their fans in a social media exchange of hot messages that aims to make us think that love has hit their door. Karol G and Anuel AA met in person a month ago while filming the “Culpables” video and surprised us with their behind-the-scenes photos. Since then, both artists have been messaging in public, especially on Twitter and Instagram. "The love of my life," wrote Anuel, while Karol G responded "and I get tangled in your skin."

If we go a little further, besides wanting to marry her, Anuel has nicknamed Karol G "bebesita," which means "my baby," creating a movement among her fans with the hashtag (#bebesita). What do you think? Are Karol G and Anuel AA in love? Let us know by voting below!