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Gustavo Cerati Remembered by Fans on Anniversary of His Death

AP Photo/Kathryn Cook
Gustavo Cerati performs at the Convention Center Atlapa in Panama City, Panama on July 22, 2003.

#Ceratieterno is a trending topic on Twitter as fans share music and photo tributes on social media.

Gustavo Cerati is being remembered by his many fans today (Sept. 4), four years after he passed away at age 55.

#Ceratieterno (which translates to "eternal Cerati") became a trending topic on Twitter as fans shared music and photo tributes for the former Soda Stereo lead singer. Along with his frontman duties, Cerati was a guitar god and a composer, establishing himself as one of Latin America’s greatest artists of all time.

From his native Argentina and far beyond, below are some of our favorite homages to Cerati from the thousands being sent out today.