Latin Artist On the Rise: Meet Paulo Londra

Paulo Londra
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Paulo Londra

Eminem was his inspiration, freestyle battles were his training.

Meet Paulo Londra, this week's Latin Artist on the Rise.

Shaping the sensibilities of his generation with a progressive lyrical approach, the 19-year old from Cordoba, Argentina got inspired to rap by watching Eminem’s 8 Mile film. The urge to interpret his lyrics outside of a recording studio led him to improvise and rap in Argentinean plazas with friends, gradually creating a local buzz. Leaving his comfort zone and freestyling in squares helped with his shyness, and launched a competitive period spanning around 5 years. 

His professional career kicked off with “Relax,” a song he uploaded a little more than a year ago to digital platforms. With innocuous lyrics that differ from the usual themes in urban music, he is leaving a streak with songs where his reality and the truth of others are the subject matter, attempting to never offend anyone while making certain situations more digestible. 

Name: Paulo Londra

Age: 19

Major Accomplishment: Debuted on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart thanks to his collaboration “Cuando Te Besé” alongside Becky G. 

A Song He Recommends: “Rocas” by Chilean Stailok featuring Portavoz and Gran Rah. "Stailok speaks about his truth," Londra tells Billboard. "He raps about what he wants, regardless of what the public asks him. I don’t remember the exact minute in the song, but I remember this phrase which so resonates within: ‘They call me Titan not because I crush but because I crush reality.'"

What’s Next: “I do not think much about the future. I always improvise as I did in the squares, but my immediate goal is to release my first studio album, Homerun.” (The album is slated for a December 2018-January 2019 release.)