Adriel Favela Gets Up Close & Personal in New Album 'Señalado Por Costumbre': Interview

Adriel Favela
Courtesy of Gerencia 360 Music

Adriel Favela

There’s a new wave of Regional Mexican artists making the rounds in the radio and Billboard charts, including Adriel Favela, who presents his fifth studio album Señalado Por Costumbre under the label Gerencia 360 on Friday (Aug. 24).   

Billboard caught up with the 24-year-old singer to talk all about his new project, which is home to 11 new songs charged with unapologetic, romantic and real lyrics.   

Billboard: All the songs on your album are very direct and straightforward. You can tell that it’s a very personal album. Talk to us about Señalado Por Costumbre.   

Adriel Favela: The album took one year to compose and yes, it’s very personal. In this album, I had the opportunity to be me 100 percent. Part of the process was to learn how to accept me and learn from other people’s experiences.  

Billboard: Why did you decide to name the album Señalado Por Costumbre?   

Adriel: As you mentioned, the album goes straight to the point. This genre is always being cataloged as something negative and I’ve always said it’s because of lack of information not because it’s true. My songs are corridos that talks about people’s battles and who have grown as a person. Corridos do not necessarily talk about negative things, on the contrary.

Billboard: I’ve noticed that you have a lot of collaborations on this album…

Adriel: Yes, I worked with some strong personalities, such as Javier Rosas, Jonatan Sanchez, who began his career around the time I did, and Omar Ruiz, who has his own unique style. Each song was made specifically for each artist featured in the album.

Billboard: What do you want people to know about you through this album?

Adriel: My fans will notice a change in the way I write--it’s more mature now. There’s a big growth both musically and personally.

Billboard: Is there a song in the album that is more personal to your than the others?

Adriel: “Para Que Me Quejo” with Leandro Rios, it’s a romantic song that just hits home.

Billboard: And to finalize, what do you think of the term “Mexillennial”?

Adriel: I love it! It is what it is. The same way I’m a fan of Vicente Fernandez, I’m a fan of Nicki Minaj and everything that’s out there. This new generation of Regional Mexican artist is more open-minded and accept any type of collaboration or project that gets in our way.


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