Ricardo Arjona's Animated 'El Cielo a Mi Favor' Video Will Make You Cry: Exclusive Premiere

Ricardo Arjona
Eduardo Hernandez

Ricardo Arjona

A toy dancer gives up almost everything for love in Ricardo Arjona’s new music video, his first-ever animated clip, for “El Cielo a Mi Favor” (Heaven on My Side). Conceived and directed by Cuban filmmaker Marlon Villar, the clip tells the story of Ara, a music box dancer who comes to life and falls in love with Mook, a toy Native American who can’t move because he’s carved from a single piece of wood. While Mook is willing to sacrifice his love for Ara’s happiness, it turns out she’s also willing to do the same -- and more.

This poignant, beautifully made clip reminds us, in a most unexpected way, that love really can conquer all.  It’s not common for Latin pop stars to release animated videos, much less videos as cinematic as this. Arjona’s team has plans to submit the clip to international film competitions.

We have the exclusive premiere below -- check it out and prepare to cry: