Bryant Myers Talks New Album, Changes In His Style & Haters

Bryant Myers
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Bryant Myers

Bryant Myers has been the target of many criticisms due to his explicit lyrics in the past. But those critics did not stop Myers and instead gave him the strength to record his new set La Oscuridad, which this week is the highest debut on Top Latin Albums.

What is the secret behind the success? To find out, Billboard sat down with the Latin trap singer who confessed that his songs have become more commercially successful after realizing that he needed to expand his music.

Oscuridad opened at No. 1 on the Latin Albums chart -dated Aug. 11. The set debuts at No. 4 on the Top Latin Albums (first chart entry) with 5,000 equivalent album units earned. Mostly traditional album sales and streams.

Read the interview below and also discover how Bad Bunny came to collaborate with Myers in their song "Triste." And don’t miss the message that the 20-year-old singer sends to all those people who have criticized him.

Billboard: Your new album, La Oscuridad, debuted at No. 4 on Top Latin Albums and it is your first top five. How did you react?

Bryant Myers: I was sleeping, so I woke up with the news. I’m really happy.

I see that the first track of the album bears your name. What message do you want to bring with this song?

This song I am giving thanks to God because I have achieved many things at my young age. I feel blessed and in the song, I say everything is fine for all the good things that music has brought me.

You’ve modified your original style and now you are becoming a commercial artist. Why did you do it?

To reach another audience. I want to expand my music. Bryant Myers fans will always be there and I will give them the type of songs that they like.

And how did you come to that decision?

It was a team decision. Besides, I also noticed. It was time to change, in the same way Wisin & Yandel also evolved.

Your album has a lot of romantic songs. From where did you get inspiration?

The tracks were written by me, the album was produced by Alex Killer, the inspiration was born of things that happen around me. Everything happens to everyone and they ended up in my songs.

"Triste," your song with Bad Bunny debuted at No. 35 on the Hot Latin Songs chart. What do you feel when you hear this news?

I'm excited to know that I'm doing well in Hot Latin Songs. It's a big step in my career and I'm going to keep working to keep going up. Bad Bunny was the one who gave the initiative to participate in the song. I uploaded it to Snapchat and there he heard it and called my producer saying he wanted to participate.

What message do you have for all those people who judge you because of your type of music?

The important thing is that you have a good heart and keep moving forward. I did it thanks to the music and the one who criticizes me or does not like me well, God bless them.

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