Ha*Ash Become Wedding Crashers in the New Video For Empowering Anthem 'Eso No Va A Suceder': Watch

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HA-ASH, "Eso No Va a Suceder"

Ha*Ash surprised their fans Wednesday morning (Aug. 8) with the release of their new single “Eso No Va A Suceder” (That’s Not Going To Happen). In fact, the sisters, who are primarily known for their romantic Latin pop tunes, really shocked everyone with a new urban sound -- and dance moves!

But the song is much more than a catchy reggaeton beat -- it’s an empowering anthem that many people can relate to.

The accompanying video, which dropped in the wee hours of the morning, shows Ashley dressed as a groom and Hanna dressed as a bride, with the pair crashing various weddings. They are joined by a group of brides who decide to give back the ring and abandon their boyfriends at the altar or the wedding reception.

With a chorus that says, “I prefer to be alone than be dressed as a bride next to someone like you who only forsakes me/With your thousand and one lies, say everything you say, you will never be able to convince me,” the Mexican-American duo is inspiring women everywhere to be courageous and move on from any toxic relationship before it’s too late.

Ha*Ash also responded to their fans' questions via Instagram Story. “The best part, for me, was when I got to wet the groom with the hose,” Ashley said. Hanna, on the other hand, gave playful answers, saying that her sister was the groom because “she looks like a guy.” “The original idea was for Ashley to dress like a bride but with that whole thing about ‘white and purity’ nobody was going to believe it,” she added.

Check out the music video below.