Paulina Rubio Joins PETA to Raise Awareness About Dangers of Leaving Dogs inside Cars: Exclusive Video

Paulina Rubio PETA
Courtesy of PETA

Paulina Rubio in an ad for PETA

Paulina Rubio wants you to take action and save a life.

The Mexican singer has joined forces with nonprofit organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to shed light on the dangers of leaving dogs and other animals inside parked cars, Billboard can exclusively reveal.

In a one-minute video, the pop diva is seen enjoying fresh air from an open window in the backseat before slowly succumbing to heatstroke inside the hot car. Pretending she’s an animal that was forgotten inside the vehicle, the intense video urges viewers not to let their pet suffer the same way. Watch below.

"The helplessness, fear, and agony that dogs must feel as their bodies shut down inside a sweltering car is hard to imagine," said Rubio. "My friends at PETA and I are shouting this message from the rooftops: Never leave anybody inside a parked car, and if you happen to see a dog in danger inside a vehicle on a warm day, please do whatever it takes to get him or her to safety."

In minutes, the temperature inside a car can reach up to more than 100 degrees, even when the windows are slightly open or parked in the shade.

That’s why Rubio and PETA advise anyone who sees a child or dog left inside a parked car to jot down the vehicle’s information (license plate number, color, make, model) and call the police or the local humane authorities. Do not leave the scene until help arrives.