Jennifer Lopez Suggests Less Advice & More 'Pampering' for New Mom Cardi B: Watch

Jennifer Lopez
Courtesy of Music Choice

Jennifer Lopez during an interview with Music Choice.

Following her collaboration with DJ Khaled and Cardi B on the song “Dinero,” Jennifer Lopez sat down with Music Choice and was asked to offer up some motherhood advice for new mom Cardi. Her advice? Not to give it.

After receiving what she felt was too much advice during the beginning stages of her own motherhood to twins 10-year-old Max and Emme, she expressed that it's better to let moms figure it out for themselves.

“My advice to anybody who is a mom is to not give advice to new moms, because nobody likes it,” she quipped. “They need a little pampering. Take care of them. No advice."

Check out the clip below: