Mau y Ricky Share Their Best Childhood Memories in New 'Growing Up Latino' Episode: Watch

Siblings Mau y Ricky recall what it was like to grow up in a Venezuelan home in the newest episode of Billboard’s Growing Up Latino.

Their best memory “en la casa” is of them making a lot of noise with musical instruments -- which makes sense, considering their father is the legendary Latin pop singer Ricardo Montaner.

During one unforgettable crazy moment, Mau lost a "chancleta" (sandal) and earned a slight tap on the hand from his dad, causing the brothers to overreact. “I ran to my mother and screamed ‘he is killing him’ because we never got hit when growing up,” Ricky remembers.

Watch the newest installment of Growing Up Latino with Mau and Ricky above to discover their mom’s favorite song, the best part of being a Latino artist and more.