Viva Friday: The Best New Latin Songs & Videos You Should Add to Your Playlist This Week

Courtesy Photo
Sebastian Yatra

Bebe, “Corazón”

Spanish singer-songwriter Bebe has been representing real women since early in her career, when her visceral hit “Malo” spoke out for victims of domestic abuse. On her new single, the mellow “Corazón,” she puts an old lover in his place -- in the past.

There’s no revenge fantasy in this song; Bebe greets a remorseful call from “the one who didn’t want to hear from me” with the slightly amused apathy of woman too secure to be rattled by a fool. Bebe co-wrote the song with Colombian producer Bull Nene, no stranger to the Latin urban charts, and brought Puerto Rican producer Tainy into the mix. But it’s little surprise that Bebe holds her own musically, trying on a new sound without losing her own distinct voice.

Los Plebes del Rancho – "Segun tus labios"

With their signature acoustic guitar/tuba sound, Los Plebes del Rancho are one of the most distinctive among the new crop of regional Mexican acts. Add to that some great lyrics, and “Según tus labios” (According to your lips), a ballad of lost love, becomes a winner, with fun-to-quote lines like “If you search for absolution, you’re forgiven, but when it comes to love, you’re forgotten.” Amen to that. 

Cultura Profética - “Llevarte Ahí”

Staying true to their melodic reggae roots and poetic lyrics, Puerto Rican-based group Cultura Profética presents their latest single “Llevarte Ahí.” The single, which is accompanied by a sensual lyric video, gets to the nitty-gritty of the intimacy of a couple without the need of being vulgar or explicit. In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Cultura revealed that in their forthcoming studio album fans will see “other colors” of the band, hinting at new musical experiments. 

Manuel Turizo - “Culpables”

For a second there, his nearly two million followers were in for a scare when Manuel Turizo’s Instagram was “hacked,” only to later find out that this was all a game plan to present his new single “Culpables.” In his new song, the 18-year-old Colombian singer shows us his romantic side, highlighting two melodic guitars, relatable heartfelt lyrics and his deep voice. The video is also a real heartbreaker. Just watch for yourself. 

Sebastián Yatra and Isabel Moner – “No Hay Nadie Más” 

The English-language version of Yatra’s Spanish language hit “No hay nadie más” is a little Disney-ish, but it’s beautiful. With both artists harmonizing simply over acoustic guitars, it shows a different and totally credible side of Yatra as a perfectly bilingual crooner. We need more pretty love songs.