Argentine Rocker Cristian 'Pity' Álvarez Confesses: 'I Killed Him'

Courtesy of Billboard Argentina
Pity Alvarez 

Argentine singer-songwriter Cristian "Pity" Álvarez -- former frontman of Viejas Locas and Intoxicados -- turned himself in July 13, after confessing to the murder of Cristian Díaz, committed the night before. He had initially fled the scene.

"I shot him; I killed him. It was between him and me. Any animal would have done the same," Álvarez told the reporters who were waiting for him at the police station in the Villa Lugano neighborhood of Buenos Aires, where he presented himself for a confession.

After declaring his version of the event, he was arrested and transferred to temporary custody in the penitentiary complex located in Ezeiza, the biggest jail in Argentina that provides assistance for problematic consumption of substances.

According to police, after a heated argument with Díaz, Álvarez "shot him several times" and fled the scene by car. Security cameras around the crime scene were investigated.

Police found the bloody, dead body after receiving an alert that someone was branding a weapon. After speaking with witnesses, police reported that during the argument between the two men, Díaz head-butted Álvarez, who retaliated by shooting Díaz four times and then fleeing toward the highway. After investigating the crime scene, the police found a gun (caliber 7.65) with several sheaths in a sewer nearby.

The confirmation of the crime Álvarez gave to the reporters has no legal value due to the fact it was done before judicial authorities. "I'm not here to declare, I'm here to say what happened. I killed him, because if not, he would have killed me. I think I'm innocent," he insisted.

The victim's girlfriend had reported the singer to police. Despite rumors that the two men were friends -- resulting from a picture of them together found on the victim's phone -- their true relationship remains unknown. Álvarez dismissed having a friendship with Díaz, saying he did not know him and accused the victim of being someone who "mugged people." He also stated that the fight was not over a drug dispute. Investigations are ongoing, as security cameras are being analyzed, and three eyewitnesses have yet to testify.

Hours before turning himself in, the musician contacted his mother via audio text messages, in which he said: "If you hospitalize me, I'm gonna stick to the plan. I feel sorry I won't be able to meet Blondie [his daughter]." Cristina Congiú (68), his mother, understood by "the plan" that the singer meant suicide, as it was the constant threat he repeated to avoid being sent to rehabilitation.

In 2010, Pity Álvarez was prosecuted for threatening the mother of a fan and for hurting his manager. In 2012, he was detained while walking through Villa Lugano, brandishing war weapons on his belt. He was also incarcerated in 2013 by the National Gendarmerie of Argentina for being in possession of a gun.