Meet Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise: Trap Corridos Group Arsenal Efectivo

Arsenal Efectivo
Rancho Humilde

Arsenal Efectivo

It was personal experiences that led Francisco Rodriguez to pen his own music five years ago. Finally, in 2015, he decided to put his musical project into full effect, giving life to Arsenal Efectivo -- this week’s Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise.

Composed by lead vocalist Rodriguez (aka Shrek), Javier Bojorquez (requinto/backup vocals), and the harmonies of Francisco Alfonso (aka Poncho), Arsenal Efectivo is a Mexican-American group that quickly escalated the Billboard charts thanks to their unique genre known as “trap corridos.”

“[This idea] came to me years ago. It was something that I wanted to push forward and make it a trend,” Shrek tells Billboard. “Trap corridos, for me, is the inspiration I get from the hip-hop trap music,” he continues, adding that the main difference between narcocorridos and trap corridos is that unlike narcocorridos, which are songs about drug lords, trap corridos are dedicated to the people on the lower level of the business.


Arsenal Efectivo's debut album, En La Fuga, earned the group its first-ever top 10 on the Regional Mexican Albums chart (dated July 14), currently sitting at No. 9. Primarily based on streams, this is the band's first time on any Billboard chart, an accolade Shrek feels very proud of.

“It’s something that I never thought would be so successful,” he says of the trap corridos genre. “And something that I’m very proud of.”

Meet this week's Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise:

Name: Arsenal Efectivo?

Members: Francisco Rodriguez (aka Shrek -- lead singer), Javier Bojorquez (requinto/backup vocals), and Francisco Alfonso (aka Poncho -- harmonies)

Major Accomplishment: Earning its first top 10 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Albums chart with its debut studio album, En La Fuga (dated July 14).

Recommended Song: “Vida Peligrosa (El Solecito)”?? (listen below)

What’s Next: Arsenal Efectivo will drop its new single “Lolo Felix” on July 20, and will release a live album before the end of the year. The band's second full studio album, Seguiremos Trabajando, is also in the works and will feature many collaborations.