Los Invasores de Nuevo León's 'El Niño Migrante' Resonates With Current Border Crisis: Watch

Los Invasores de Nuevo León perform "El Niño Migrante"

Norteño band Los Invasores de Nuevo León’s song “El Niño Migrante” (“The Child Migrant”) speaks for the children who “don’t know about laws and less about borders” and carry “the sad condemnation of being illegal in their brown skin.”  

The group released the song in 2016, with an accompanying video that follows a boy whose lonely journey to the border has an uncertain conclusion.

“El Niño Migrante” deals specifically with children who travel alone in order to try and reunite with their family members on the other side of the border. But Los Invasores’ tribute to kids caught up in the politics of immigration resonates today in the photos of children separated from their families by the U.S. government and held alone in camps that are circulating around the world.

Listen to the song and watch the video here: