Soccer Stars Dani Alves & Pinto 'Wahin' Release Sexy 'Suave' Video

Quin Roser
Dani Alves & Pinto "Wahin"

Soccer and music: It’s been a perfect combination for decades, both during the World Cup and in the regular seasons, with players celebrating with music and with musicians. Now, Brazilian soccer star Dani Alves is taking things to the next level by dropping his first music single along with Brazilian singer Thiago Matheus and yet another soccer star, Pinto “Wahin.”    

“Suave” is a kind of minimalist rap/pop, with a repeating melody sung by Matheus and Alves in Spanish over a repeating loop. The rapping is courtesy of “Wahin,” who retired as Barcelona’s goalkeeper in 2014 to launch a music career. In this case, music is a welcome respite for Alves, who is off his World Cup squad after sustaining a knee injury in May. Instead of playing, Alves has delivered a music video with his buds, and lots and lots and lots and lots of girls doing lots and lots of sexy dancing.     

Check it out: