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Venezuela Hosts Country's First Trap Festival

Courtesy of Billboard Venezuela
Trainer (left to right), Big Soto, Jeeiph and Micro TDH perform May 5, 2018, at the first-ever Trap Festival in Caracas, Venezuela.

On May 5, the first-ever Venezuela Trap Festival was held in Caracas.

The CCCT Auditorium stage was ignited with sets from the biggest names in the genre and their hits, including Micro TDH, Big Soto, Trainer, Alan Wittels, Kobi Cantillo, Jerry Di, Lucho and PandeSousa, Adso Alejandro, Neutro Shorty and Jeeip.

All of the performers brought hard-hitting sets with several special guests to a crowd of more than 5,000 eager fans. 

"Trap is moving steady and forward, because there is a lot of people working really hard," headliner Big Soto told Billboard Venezuela.

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