7 Magical Moments From Cirque du Soleil's Soda Stereo-Inspired 'Sep7timo Dia' Show

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Rodrigo Alonso
Cirque du Soleil

Even in the esoteric realm of Cirque du Soleil, creating a show around the music of Soda Stereo is a reach.

After all, while Soda Stereo may be Latin America’s most iconic rock band, their music -- from the 1980s and '90s -- remains little known outside the Latin music world.

However, Sép7imo Día – No Descánsare (Seventh Day, I Won’t Rest), Cirque du Soleil’s Soda Stereo-inspired show and only the fourth ever artist-inspired Cirque tribute (after the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley), is a success, both commercially and artistically. It's a two-hour spectacle of color and movement where the action is seamlessly integrated into the audience, with sets and acrobats moving in and out of the theater floor, close enough for fans to actually touch the action -- and by the way, this is a first for Cirque du Soleil.

Sép7imo Día kicked off last year with a stunning 73 sold-out performances in Buenos Aires’ Luna Park and more than 530,000 tickets sold in Argentina before making stops in Peru (14 shows), Chile (20), Colombia (21) and Mexico.

On April 18, the show finally made it to the United States, with four shows at Miami’s Watsco Center (with Soda members Charly Alberti and Zeta Bosio attending the premiere). In anticipation of Sep7imo Dia’s four days of double show times coming to the Los Angeles Forum (May 3-6), here are our favorite moments.

1. “Signos": This showstopper features two acrobats clad in outfits reminiscent of Mad Max who perform trapeze feats in perpetual motion, balancing on two gigantic metal wheels brought into the center of the audience floor.


2. “Persiana americana": A fave song is performed by the cutest acrobat ever, playing with a diabolo in a manner that defies laws of gravity and hand-eye coordination, all in perfect synchronicity with the music. 

3. "En remolinos": The petals of a metal flower, wheeled onto the audience floor, open to reveal a female acrobat who performs balanced on the pistils of the flower. The act is full of grace, beauty and amazing strength.

4. "Prófugos": It takes guts to show anything gun-related in a family show. In “Prófugos” (Fugitive), huge, neon-colored pop-art toy guns become twin trapezes that meld into one, balancing a couple in love in one of the most stunning numbers of the show. 

5. "Hombre al agua": A guitarist and his muse inspire and create inside a gigantic, water-filled aquarium. No, we did not see this coming. 

6. "Te para tres": This is the ultimate audience participation number. Six singers sit down to strum their guitars around six “campfires,” with fans invited to gather around them. 

7. "De música ligera": The grand finale is a joyful ensemble number bursting with color, leaps, impossible tumbling and attitude. 

Watch the Sep7imo Dia preview here: