Becky G at Billboard Latin Music Awards: 'I Found My Sexy In My Spanish Music'

Becky G spoke with Billboard’s Griselda Flores and Justino Aguila on the red carpet at the Billboard Latin Music Awards on Thursday (April 26), where she discussed being nominated for a BBLMA and the sexiness she has found within herself with her song “Mayores.”

Discussing her nomination for the Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year, Female category, Becky G said that to be nominated alongside Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, as well as Natti Natasha -- with whom she collaborated on the track “Sin Pijama” -- “it really goes to show that women have always been present, but now we’re present more than ever with newer faces that are coming into the music industry and so to be next to people I’ve idolized, and then next to somebody I admire and that I’m working with currently, is just amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

The singer also opened up about finding her sexiness in making Spanish music, explaining that now more than ever, there is talk of empowering women, but that there is also a double standard of judging women too quickly.

“My sexy is different than yours and we’re nobody to judge each other,” she explained, adding that artists like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Rihanna and Beyonce have been doing just that for a long time. “It’s about time that we stop the double standard,” she said, “and I feel like ‘Mayores,’ it’s like I’m continuing the conversation 'cause it needs to happen.”

You can watch the full interview with Becky G above.  

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