Watch Steve Aoki Discuss Working With BTS & Daddy Yankee: 'We're Trying to Do Something Different'

Steve Aoki appeared as a guest at Billboard Latin Music Week 2018, contributing to the conversation during the Producing for the Global Market panel to discuss his work with non-English-speaking artists such as BTS and Daddy Yankee and how those songs can still become global hits.

Aoki worked with BTS on their “Mic Drop (Remix)” and has since teased further collaborations with them. He also recently hit the studio with Daddy Yankee, Play-N-Skillz and Elvis Crespo for “Azukita,” which was Aoki’s first-ever Spanish song.

“When I got in the studio with other artists that are not speaking English,” he says, “K-pop artists like BTS, or Daddy Yankee, where we’re trying to do something different -- it’s always about, how do we connect to the global culture?”

“It’s becoming more and more that way,” Aoki continues. “The way in which people listen to music. It’s not necessarily about what’s popular on American radio. Actually, that’s not necessarily important as what’s popular with your friends.”

You can watch Steve Aoki discuss working with BTS and Daddy Yankee in the video above.

Billboard Latin Music Awards and Conference 2018