Diego Boneta's Portrayal of Luis Miguel in Telemundo Series: 'Unlike Anything I've Ever Done'

Diego Boneta
Nicole Pereira

Diego Boneta during the "Luis Miguel La Serie" panel at the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Las Vegas on April 24, 2018.

Boneta prepared for about a year in order to completely transform into the iconic Mexican singer.

Diego Boneta, who portrays Latin crooner Luis Miguel in a new Telemundo series, says he's never worked on a project that allowed him to transform into a completely different person until he accepted the challenge of becoming "El Sol de Mexico." 

"The preparation and the process for this was unlike anything I've ever done," said Boneta during Billboard's Latin Music Week in Las Vegas. "I pretty much had a year to only prepare for this, which is an insane amount of time." Boneta was joined by Telemundo Network President Luis Silberwasser, series executive producer Carla Gonzalez and TV host and moderator Jorge Bernal during a panel session "Luis Miguel La Serie: Redefining Winning with Telemundo & Luis Miguel's Premium Series."

As part of the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Las Vegas, the panelists discussed how the series came to be and how Miguel, an executive producer on the series, came on board once he felt like the project was going to be told accurately and thoughtfully. Gonzalez said that even though Miguel is actively involved in the series, the singer was told from the start that the series told in a 13-episode arc was going to explore even topics that have been controversial.    

The challenge for Boneta was that he had to be in shape, sing and become Miguel, whose has a following of fans around the world. Boneta says that having access to Miguel helped him prepare for the role. "There was a lot of reach already done by Carla and that was a huge advantage," Boneta said, adding that, "sitting down with him was great."