Argentine Rapper Duki Reveals How He Discovered Trap Music: Interview

Facundo Ballve


The Argentine rap community El Quinto Escalón was born in 2012 on the humble steps of Doblas and Chaco streets, at Rivadavia Park in Buenos Aires. Over the past few years, it grew exponentially, until it did its final rap battle at the great Malvinas Argentinas Stadium at the end of 2017. But, rapper Duki already knew what he was going to do: He played his part in the tournaments, took in as much as he could, and moved on. 

"I jumped from freestyle to other types of music immediately," Duki told Billboard Argentina.

He's already enjoying the "new Argentinean trap icon" moniker, and explains: "The first major difference between trap and rap is about space and time. Both come from hip-hop, but rap is a better-shaped vision, more exact and better told. Trap, however, is a more futuristic vision. It has an ideology, an aesthetic. I am pretty versatile, getting bagged into one genre doesn't allow you to grow.

"I learned about trap in 2013/14, with a song by <a href="/music/aap-mob">A$AP Mob</a>, 'Hella Hoes,'" he continues. "After the song ended I was like ‘What have I just seen?' I was just starting to rap, and I was shocked. That song is the future.

"They've already noticed in the States. In fact, they hesitated so much that they already stopped being in fashion. They already made as much money as they could from it. They put trap in vogue, bought the chains, the watches and leather clothes, and are now making music just because they feel like it." 

Duki shares his vision for the future: "I want to take my shows to the next level. I want to exploit the experience. In politics, in order to make something, you have to have the power. A musician, on the other hand, has thousands of people that go and see him and are there for him. When he asks them to raise their hands, they do it.

"It's incredible, it's the energy of the moment, and the feedback. It puts you on a different level, and suddenly you stop being a simple human being and become someone that controls thousands of people that are sending you energy, and you are giving it back. It's something that goes beyond, beyond any level. It's forging an attitude, an energy."