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Young Band Insinapis 'Inspired and Motivated' by Venezuela's Crisis: Interview

Courtesy of Billboard Venezuela

Insinapis is a band from Caracas, Venezuela, that bets its money on a mix of melodies and genres that are as unusual as its name. The band is formed by Ana Morales (18, vocals and percussion), Pedro Páez (19, percussion), Diego Santana (20, bass), Ricardo Larrazábal (20, keyboard and vocals), Guillermo Rodríguez (19, guitars and vocals), Marko Rezic (19, guitar) and José Ferrer (19, vocals and percussion).

"It means 'The Mustard Seed' in Latin," Ferrer explained. "Curious thing is we thought it only meant 'Seed', but when we found out the truth, it had already made us comfortable, and we stuck with it."

In an interview with Billboard Venezuela, several names came up as influencers. On the Latin side, they mention <a href="/music/Los-Amigos-Invisibles">Los Amigos Invisibles</a>, <a href="/music/Guaco">Guaco</a>, <a href="/music/Natalia-Lafourcade">Natalia Lafourcade</a>, <a href="/music/Ruben-Blades">Rubén Blades</a> and <a href="/music/Willie-Colon">Willie Colón</a>. On the alternative side: <a href="/music/La-Vida-Boheme">La Vida Boheme</a>, Americania, <a href="/music/zoe">Zoé</a>, <a href="/music/Bombay-Bicycle-Club">Bombay Bicycle Club</a> and <a href="/music/Radiohead">Radiohead</a>.

Their music spans a variety of genres from Venezuelan folklore to rock and reggae. "Honestly, we just like it like that," Ferrer said. "The interest for the Venezuelan and Latin genres is sort of new, and it inspired us during this record. We just look forward to making music that simply excites us."

They draw inspiration from situations too. "We have found ourselves very moved by the situation in our country that we had to live through from our generational perspective," Ferrer continued. "We, of course, are also moved by life experiences, learning, and the amazing feeling of ideas floating and materializing."

Insinapis' debut album, Por El Zaguán ("Through the Zaguán," in English) includes 11 tracks and is available for purchasing and streaming.

Morales explained the album's title and the band's creative process: "'Zaguán' is a [word that refers to] the big gates, doors and lobbies of old colonial houses. They would take you from the street to the heart of [a home]. With that same idea in mind, we wanted the album to symbolize a way to introduce, especially for people our age, the kind of music we make and part of our cultures as Latinos.

"Creatively we started with just a couple of songs that were just growing and growing until we realized we could make them a full album. The process was very dynamic: The concept or first structure for songs would come from one or two of us, but then the whole [group] would come in for the cohesion of everything and arrangements. Each person added something special."

Larrazábal describes Por El Zaguán with the three words: roots, eclectic and testimony.

As for what is next for Insinapis, Santana explains: "Right now, we are focused on promoting the album. These past weeks, we have had the opportunity to tour the college campuses of the main universities and some other spots in the city. We also just recorded a live sessions segment with La Bicicleta, a music company.

"The crisis our country is suffering through has inspired and motivated us to do our part, even though it has pushed back the release of the album and has [prevented us from] being in Venezuela at the same time. We still want to leave something meaningful and reminiscent of the good days in Venezuela."

Stream Por El Zaguán here:
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