Watch Nicky Jam Sing Karaoke, Talk About Calling Up Will Smith & More

Superstar Nicky Jam is having his moment, once again. The urban singer visited Billboard’s studio to chat about his bioseries El Ganador and his new song “X” with J Balvin, and he even did some karaoke in honor of Will Smith, who last Friday published a video singing "X."

Jam has been very focused on El Ganador, but his best friend J Balvin wanted him to create some music. The result? The hit "X," which sits at No. 71 on this week's Billboard Hot 100. During Jam’s visit to Billboard, the superstar left us few exclusive tidbits.


1. A request from the Fresh Prince
After calling Will Smith to thank him for the video he posted on social media singing "X," Smith asked Jam to do a remix of his son Jaden Smith's song "Icon." "I never thought that he would make me do the remix," he said.

2. Nicky Jam loves acting
Even though the superstar is not done with his bioseries, Jam exclusively told Billboard that he is developing a new story about a kid who loses his parents and inherits a barber shop.

3. The movie of his life
Nicky Jam already received some offers for him to take the story of his life to the big screen. 

4. Nobody could think of a title for the song
Neither Nicky Jam or J Balvin had a name for the song, so they decided to called it just “X” (Equis).

Now, enjoy the full interview above, and don’t miss Nicky Jam doing karaoke.