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Jayko Reinvents Latin Pop With His New Single and Video, 'Te Buscare': Watch

Courtesy of Billboard Venezuela

Multi-talented artist Jayko from Puerto Rico has released a new single, "Te Buscare," from his upcoming record that will go on sale in May. The single fuse trap with pop and electronic and adds a vocal touch that distinguishes Jayko's new style of Latin music.

"It's time for Latin pop to reinvent itself and give it a more lively, fun and inspiring touch," Jayko shared. "Let the music speak of what love says and the adventures of today, but do not fall into [the] message [of only] sex [that is prevalent] in urban music.

"There is much more to give in Latin music. You have to listen to this. I am very excited with this new album. This is only the first single."

Jayko is a respected and admired artist with loyal fans around the world, and he opened for <a href="/music/Miley-Cyrus">Miley Cyrus</a> at the Coliseum of Puerto Rico. This will be his second album as a soloist, which he produced with Aqua Rose Records, and he seems poised to evolve and reinvent Latin pop music.

"Te Buscare" will premiere on international platforms around Latin America. You can listen to it and watch the video on channels such as Tigo Music Colombia, RMS and Tele Hit in Mexico, Colombian, Chilean, Mexican, Venezuelan and Dominican radio stations, as well as in Argentina and Los Angeles. 

His hit song "Shot" from his first album, Prototype, swept the Spanish Chart in Italy in 2012, and it was the official promo song of the Latin Grammys Gala 2017 by Univision.

Find out more about Jayko on his official website, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, and watch the "Te Buscare" music video here:
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