Venezuelan Rapper OneChot Celebrates 20 Years in Music With Upcoming New Album

Courtesy of Billboard Venezuela 

Venezuelan rapper, singer and influential alternative-music artist OneChot has turned the 20 years of his music career into a fresh new style and more projects to come.

The well-known member of Papashanty SaundSystem received his first guitars from celebrated music icon Gerry Weil. Since then, the musician has released six LPs and gained recognition as a music trendsetter and social activist in the alternative scene.

The name OneChot is a reference to the pronunciation of his real name Juan Davíd Chacón and his story of his survival of a gunshot wound to the head. He has continued to release music since the tragic incident and says that he is expecting many more good things to come for his life on the horizon.

Now, we can celebrate his legacy so far with the new single "Arriba el Ánimo," from his upcoming album, Social. We can also expect to see a new website for the artist and the announcement of upcoming Venezuelan tour dates soon.

Get to know OneChot by checking out his material from the past 20 years here:
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