MC Livinho Premieres Steamy 'Rebeca' Video With Maejor & Gerex: Watch

MC Livinho
Rodrigo Pavani

MC Livinho

Brazilian funk, with its contagious BPM, continues expanding beyond Brazil thanks to songs and collaborations that stretch boundaries. 

The newest comes from MC Livinho, the Sao Paulo-born funk singer who’s paired up with producer/artist Maejor (who’s worked on multiple singles with Justin Bieber and Annita) and Gerex for his new single, “Rebeca.” The track has Maejor singing in English with Livinho and Gerex adding vocals in Portuguese.

Hauntingly beautiful, “Rebeca,” says Livinho, is “a fictional woman that, in the beginning, I’m interested in only sexually, but I know there are feelings that could lead to more. The trick of the song is opening the possibility that something deeper could happen with us.”

Livinho met Maejor during Bieber’s last tour of Brazil, when major went to GR6, Livinho’s label, to meet MC Pikachu. “When he returned to Los Angeles we started to talk on Instagram and he asked me to send a song of mine for him to produce,” says Livinho. “I didn’t expect that he’d want to sing too. I chose ‘Rebecca’ because it was the newest song at the time, I had just produced it with Gerex, who is the co-author.”

Check out the steamy video here. [Warning: clip contains some sensual (though not sexual) images.]