Cafe Tacvba, Zoe, Molotov Raise More Than $500,000 for Mexican Earthquake Relief Initiative

Café Tacvba
Courtesy of Café Tacvba

Café Tacvba

Funds from “Amplifica” concert has gone to re-build homes, schools and support communities in Mexico after major September 2017 earthquake.

Amplifica, a six-hour concert organized in the aftermath of the powerful earthquake that struck central and southern Mexico last September, raised 9,950,000 pesos -- the equivalent of over $500,000 -- to rebuild homes and schools and support communities affected by the natural disaster.

The Mexican alternative rock bands Café Tacvba, Kinky, Molotov, Zoe, Chilean singer and Mexico City resident Mon Laferte and other artists instigated the relief effort immediately after last fall’s quake, creating a support network on social media that provided information for volunteers, called for supplies and posted photos of missing people. The quake killed a reported 370 people, 228 of them in Mexico City.

The benefit concert was held Nov. 1 in Mexico City’s Palacio de Deportes. The profits from ticket sales (after production costs) were donated to a dozen organizations to rebuild and aid community initiatives in urban Mexico City and also rural areas.

The announcement about the success of the artists’ relief campaign days before a 7.2 earthquake rocked the state of Oaxaca last Friday (Feb. 16).

This morning (Feb. 19), another earthquake of a 5.9 magnitude in the same area. It as not yet known if Amplifica would continue its efforts to provide relief to areas and people affected by those earthquakes.