Watch Melendi & Carlos Vives' 'El Arrepentido' Video: Exclusive Premiere

Courtesy of Sony Music
Melendi and Carlos Vives

The duo put the message of mindfulness to a Latin beat.

With “El Arrepentido” ("The Regretter"), Melendi and Carlos Vives put the message of mindfulness to a Latin beat. Melendi, who has topped the charts in Spain with his storytelling pop style, and Colombian icon Vives, who has made a career of making audiences feel happy with his infectious tropical fusions, make for a perfect pair in this song, whose lyrics urge listeners to live in the moment.

“El Arrepentido” is the first single from Melendi’s new album, set for March 9 release. The video for the song, premiering exclusively on Billboard, was shot in Santa Marta, Colombia, Vives’ hometown. The video brings to life the song's cautionary tale about living blinded by fear, lost in memories or focused only on goals for the future. By the time the two artists sing together about following the rhythm in our hearts to the present, the music’s already taken us there.