Lauren Jauregui Demands a #CleanDreamAct From Trump, Urges Fans to Sign Petition

In cities like Chicago, New York and Detroit, protesters have taken to the streets in support of immigrant rights. According to Splinter, a bevy of activists were arrested at the Senate in Washington on Wednesday (Jan. 17) after demanding Congress take action to protect DACA recipients.

Celebrities like Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui -- born in Miami to Cuban expatriates -- are taking to social media to petition for a #CleanDreamAct from Donald Trump, whose recent xenophobic comments on El Salvador, Haiti and African nations served as a catalyst for today's nationwide unrest. You can sign said petition here

Others like veteran comedian John Leguizamo and British singer-songwriter Estelle have also tweeted their solidarity with individuals who are undocumented, while the likes of actor Matt McGorry voiced his pro-immigrant stance on Instagram. Juanes, Demi Lovato and even rapper Logic have also previously called for the protection of DREAMers.